The Full Service Acre


The Full Service Acre
Our premium level, this package includes planning, field record keeping, field intelligence, analysis, and availability components.

  • Planning: Includes pre-season planning of all crop inputs (fertilizer, herbicide, insecticide, hybrids, and traits) and agronomic strategies. Budgets are developed and recorded by field.
  • Record keeping: Each field is digitized and farms are organized on the consultant’s computer. Field inputs, operations, and in-season activities are all recorded, then summarized at season end. Recommendations are made for the next crop production season.
  • Field intelligence: We begin with pre-plant evaluation, then continue to monitor your crop for 12–14 weeks after emergence depending on the crop. Comprehensive weekly field reports are provided. These reports include early season and pre-harvest stand counts, as well as input evaluations during and after the season. We also provide ongoing insect, weed, and disease evaluations with timely recommendations as needed.
  • Season end summary report and analysis: This includes final yields per field with an analysis of the primary factors affecting the outcome. Crop input recommendations for the following year are made in the fall.
  • Grid sampling, fertility recommendations, and mapping: As part of this service the grower will receive 2.5 acre grid soil sampling, maps, accompanying soil tests, and recommendations on 25% of his contracted acreage.
  • 24/7 access: Your Crop IMSSM consultant is always available to discuss or review your plans, crop conditions, and current developments.

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